10 reasons you will want to have a self driving car

As cars are very dominant in are society today, it is very likely alot of things will change when self-driving cars take over cars as we know them today.

Here are 10 reasons why you will want to see self-driving cars taking over our roads.

Also check out some crazy usages of the self-driving car at the end of the video

10 Safety and driving under influance.

Have you ever seen a computer getting drunk? I haven't.

Going to a bbq or the night out with your friends?

A self-driving car will take you home safe.

9 No need for a parking lot.

A self-driving car will drop you of where you want and goes and parks itself somewhere. Maybe even outsite the city. By the time you need your car again, the self-driving car will be waiting for you at your doorsteps.

It is very likely that parking infrastructure in the cities will change dramatically.

8 Tickets

If you get pulled over by the cops for speeding, just tell them to send the ticket to the car manufacturer.

7 Delivery services

Order your groceries online and a self-driving delivery car will be at the steps of your door within less time than you have to go and get it yourself.

6 Steeling a car

Someone steels your car? No problem!

The car drops the thief of at the police station and will be waiting at your door steps by the time you neer your car again.

5 Public transport and taxis

Since a self-driving car is by defenition a taxi, it is very likely that self-driving cars will replace alot of public transport and especially taxis.

People might as well provide there car for public use when they are not using it themselfs. This brings us to the next point...

4 Less cars in circulation

Car pooling will be very easy with computer controlled cars. There will be apps where you type in your destination and the first self-driving car that has a spare seat or nothing else to do can pull over to bring you to your destination.

3 Bringing your kids to school

Well there is not much to say about this one but It might become very handy for some parents.

2 Ego small member syndrome

No need to have a 500 hp car when every car is driving at the same speed controlled by a computer.

1 Chilling out when driving to work

Chill out in your car. No agression on the road, just read a book or check you mail on your way to work. Have breakfast and drink a coffie.

Some other ideas:

What about a driving toilet on demand? Or...

A driving vending machine?

Maybe a coffee machine or microwave in your car?

Or what about a car cinema?

Or cars that can be clustered together to make a camping dome on your holliday trip with friends?