Bicycle indicators


The struggle

I made this circuit as a request of a friend.

After a week or so the first prototype was ready. But I was not very happy with it.

To use the indicators you had to turn on the circuit before your trip and turn the circuit off after the trip. The circuit was drawing electricity from the battery the whole trip and when you forgot to turn off the circuit after the trip, the battery would be death the next day.

The circuit was sitting on my desk for 6 months before I started to make some improvements to it.

I contacted a friend who is a Master in electronics to have a look at the circuit. Together we came up with what the circuit is now... a hassles free indicators kit with a long battery life and a small controller box working on a single 9 volt battery.

Parts list



When dark, indicators work in relation to another light. In this case a center light.

Here is a picture how my friend uses his normal light together with his indicators.