OpenCV flip image or video

This tutorial shows you how to flip an image or video using OpenCV

Responsive images

Learn how to make responsive images for a responsive web design. To use on mobile devices.

Responsive web design part 1

Learn how to make a responsive webpage with HTML and css. EASY AND SIMPLE. Learn the difference between a responsive and a mobile website and why not to use the mobile version

Responsive videos

Learn how to make responsive videos for responsive web design. Using HTML and css. For mobile devices.

Responsive menus

Learn how to make responsive navigation menus and resizable menus using HTML and css. For mobile devices. EASY AND SIMPLE

Responsive web design part 2

Learn how to make responsive images, responsive videos, responsive menus, responsive backgrounds and hiding elements with HTML5 and css3. SIMPLE AND EASY tutorial on responsive web design for mobile devices.

10 reasons you will want to have a self-driving car

As cars are very dominant in are society today, it is very likely alot of things will change when self-driving cars take over cars as we know them today. Here are 10 reasons why you will want to see self-driving cars taking over our roads.

Air heat exchanger

Hot/cold air heat exchanger made from soda cans and Pvc pipe. Cheap and easy to build yet very effective.

10 things you did not know about Thailand

10 facts about the Indian railways

10 things you did not know about India. Amazing facts

Bicycle indicators

Long battery life bicycle indicators on single 9 volt battery

Arduino ir object tracking camera shield

Remotely turn your camera left and right. Use it as an object (beacon) tracking camera mount or selfie stick. Runs on a 5 volt usb power bank

Fix Chinese Arduino clone problems

Did you order a cheap Chinese Arduino copy but it does not work? Keep reading